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        1. Pilot Scale Reactor

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          Magnetic seal pilot reactor

          The pilot reactor is a key part of the laboratory scale-up pilot production, and generally refers to the enlarged version of the small laboratory reactor. The design specifications of the pilot reactor are 10 to 50 times that of the pilot, or non-standard design can be carried out according to process requirements. The size of the pilot reactor is generally 50~500L, and the size varies greatly depending on the production characteristics.

          The small-scale test successfully enters the large-scale production directly. At this time, the experimental data is unreasonable, and the design and manufacturing of the pilot-scale reactor must be partially changed after the scale-up process remains unchanged.

          High temperature and high pressure magnetic stirring reactor

          The core part of magnetic stirring is a ring-shaped strong magnetic coupling stirring device. A plurality of magnetic steel rings are made of two powerful permanent magnets inside and outside; the inner magnetic steel body is sealed in a stainless steel sealed cylinder to connect the stirring part, and the sealed cylinder and The kettle cover, kettle body, and fastening connection form a static sealed cavity, so that the reaction medium is completely sealed in a statically sealed state, without any leakage, pollution or personal danger; the speed-regulating motor drives the outer magnetic steel body, and the strong magnetic force passes through the stainless steel without contact The made sealed cylinder attracts each other with the strong magnetic force of the inner magnetic steel body enclosed in the sealed cylinder, and is mutually positioned to act on the axial rotation traction to perform high temperature and high pressure stirring reaction.

          Open high temperature and high pressure supercritical reactor

          Supercritical reactor means that the reactant is in a supercritical state or the reaction is carried out in a supercritical medium. The supercritical medium used should be non-corrosive to the reaction device, low critical pressure, and high selectivity and solubility. Commonly used supercritical fluids include supercritical water, supercritical CO2, and supercritical methanol.

          300L pilot reactor with horizontal motor

          When the height of the reactor is limited, a horizontal motor can be used to reduce the overall height of the reactor.

          The reactor can choose a large diameter cylinder, which also reduces the height.

          Mechanical and connection structure: The connection structure adopts bolt structure or quick-start snap ring connection, which saves effort and opens quickly. At the same time, the kettle cover can be lifted and the kettle body can be removed.

          Stirring method: It adopts a strong magnetic cylindrical rotary coupling structure, the stirring speed is 0~1000r/min, and the stirring capacity can be adjusted according to user needs.

          300L reaction tank with quick opening device

          Safety: The reaction tank is equipped with a safety valve or a blasting diaphragm. The blasting value error is small, the instantaneous exhaust speed is fast, and it is safe and reliable.

          Each valve adopts needle valve, reciprocating closing form, reliable and durable sealing, reasonable installation of various valves, unobstructed discharge, and no dead ends.

          Heating method: Electric heating method is adopted. Electric heating type, liquid heating type, electric and liquid heating type can also be provided according to customer needs.

          Control system: Equipped with relevant intelligent control instrument, which adopts intelligent digital control instrument, which has the characteristics of high precision, simple operation and strong anti-interference ability for various data acquisition and control.

          300L mechanical seal agitated reactor with external circulation

          Mechanical stirring realizes strong torque stirring. In order to fully mix the high-viscosity materials, a set of circulating pipelines is added outside the kettle. Under the action of the circulating pump, the materials are circulated again outside the kettle to make the mixing more fully.

          It is generally used for the stirring and mixing of glue, polyester, polyurethane and other polymer viscous materials.


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